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Tennyson lay back
09.07.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Tennyson - Lay-by

Tennyson are a teenage brother-sister duo from Alberta, Canada who've (queue the awww-s) been making music together since they were barely out of nappies, and whose tender-to-the-touch beats are remniscient of US labels like Dropping Gems and Hush Hush Records (with added 8-bit). Ryan Hemsworth's a fan, and their appropriately Hemsworth-titled tune You're Cute had the honour of inagurating his new (sort of) label Secret Songs. When we spoke to Hemsworth about Secret Songs, he suggested it was the emotion he found bedded in You're Cute's synths, and Tennyson's use of "weird little sound effects" that caught his eye. 

The duo have got a new tune called Lay-by, which builds its melody around that incessant chime you get when you've left the car door open. Normally such a sound signals scrambling about, plunging hands toward seat belt and clambering for door handles, but with emotional synths in tow, it sounds more like it's been woven into a lullaby. Tennyson have got some US and European tour dates planned in the Autumn, so keep an eye out for those. 



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