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Throwing snow
14.07.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Premiere: Throwing Snow unveils 'Snowing Throw' moniker: hear 'Lose Again'

"These tracks are unashamedly built for the summer"...

With a quick swap of letters, Throwing Snow – real name Ross Tones – has given himself a new one-off guise to release a new EP under a new musical direction.

The two-tracked ‘The Folly of Pangloss’ finds him exploring restless, shuffling rhythms and guitar and vocal chops, fusing genres like UK garage and house. It follows up his politically-informed ‘The Death of Pragmatism’ EP of last year that saw him explore different angles of the Brexit debate.

“These tracks are unashamedly built for the summer,” Throwing Snow says of ‘The Folly of Pangloss’. “Simple, cut-up samples and bounce. As they are a big departure from my previous and forthcoming releases, I’ve embraced their tongue-in-cheek nature and I’m releasing them as Snowing Throw.”

Listen to ‘Lose Again’ below.

Snowing Throw’s ‘The Folly of Pangloss’ is out on July 15th via Houndstooth – pre-order it here.

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