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25.10.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Premiere: Wuh Oh made the glitchy 'Ziggy' after dreaming about a club tune

"I had this dream where I heard a super heavy club tune with gobbledegook lyrics so I decided to make it in real life"

Wuh Oh might not be a household name just yet, but give it time. The Scottish producer (real name Peter Ferguson) has been involved in music for a while, having his productions first previewed aged 15 on Annie Mac’s show along with an interview.

He’s since released music on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label, but is now expending his production energy onto his own label, Soft Style.

Having previously shared ‘Pretty Boy‘, which saw a remix by none other than fellow Scot Hudson Mohawke, ‘Ziggy’ is his latest effort – a hyperactive clash of styles that counts glitch and wonky hip-hop in its influences.

We fired a few questions his way, and you can listen to ‘Ziggy’ after the jump…

You started out making chiptune, right? Has your production style taken lots of different forms over the years?

I’ve always felt like a composer first and producer second. I morph my production style to take whatever feel the melody or chords suggest to me and amplify that vibe to the max. This process often leads my production down sort of wacky paths.

Did studying music at university shape your work in any way?

Definitely! All that time spent writing super intellectual music for academics gave me such a hunger to go and just write music that makes me happy and that everyone can hopefully understand on some level. I picked up a bunch of cool musical theory there but then again I’m sure you could learn more than enough just by listening to The Beatles or some shit like that.

Can you explain the idea behind ‘Ziggy’?

I had this dream where I heard a super heavy club tune with gobbledegook lyrics so I decided to make it in real life. The only thing I remembered when I woke up was that it said ‘Ziggy ziggy’, so I used that. The other words I just blabbered randomly when I hit record. Learning the ‘lyrics’ for the music video was a total pain in the ass.

How did you feel about Hudson Mohawke recently remixing your track?

I’ve been a fan of HudMo’s music for years. He’s a king. He really understood that ‘Pretty Boy’ was meant as a grandiose introduction so he took the idea and cranked it up several notches. My best friend filmed me hearing the remix for the first time and my goofy grin all the way through that clip says it all.

What are you working on next?

I’m working on a whole string of music videos for the next few releases with director Joe Crogan. The vids are gonna keep getting more and more bananas. You have my word.

Listen to ‘Ziggy’:

Follow Wuh Oh on Spotify here.

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