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14.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Rhosyn - Glass (Deptford Goth remix)

Deptford Goth’s eagerly anticipated debut ‘Life After Defo’ is released next month (and we already can’t get enough of playing it in the Dummy office). In the mean time, he’s put together a rework of Oxford musician Rhosyn’s cello-heavy single Glass. He’s proved himself to be a deft hand with a remix in the past – offering up a combustible rub-down of Purity Ring’s Ungirthed, and having laced Blood Diamonds’ freewheeling Grins with subtle levels of introspection.

While Rhosyn’s original bubbled along with breathy, barbershop glee, Deptford Goth brings the mood down for all the right reasons. Icy, languid keyboards set an instant tone: as if transporting Glass out onto those windswept hilltops featured on the Union video. Drum rolls build the tension – before an unforeseen breakbeat drops in and rattles about infectiously for its closing section.

Merok Records will release ‘Life After Defo’ on 18th March

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