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21.04.2011, Words by dummymag

Seahawks - High On You [stream]

Attention cosmic sailors! Cardiff-via-Cornwall-via-London duo Seahawks are back on the shore. Following up their 2010 album ‘Ocean Trippin’ released on their own label Captains Log, Seahawks deliver another psychedelic yacht rock record – High On You / Dreams Are Made Of Magic, which is also their fifth 12” release.

High On You (listen on the right) is an impressive piece of marine-explorative musical composition. The smooth, groovy guitar chords will glide you across the surface of rippling ocean waves. The pulsing synth beats will gradually take you deep down to the bottom of the sea. You’ll find yourself surrounded by kaleidoscopic, multi-coloured corals, the flowing movement of which shapes the slo-mo, dream pop soundscape. Finally, faint piping whistles will bring you back to the surface and leave you floating weightlessly on the sea, just like a boat drifting towards aquatic infinity.

Captains Log will release Seahawks’ High On You / Dreams Are Made Of Magic on 21st April 2011


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