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15.05.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Singing Statues – No Disguise EP

With albums of more 4/4-oriented dreamy house released on Rush Hour, and an EP of lilting garage on Svetlana Industries, this next move from producer Ben Thomas (BNJMN) might come as a bit of a surprise. He’s going by the name Singing Statues for his next release, a free EP on Bristol’s Astro:Dynamics (the label run by producer Rekordah).

The ‘No Disguise’ EP is a wispy and sensitive set of tracks, facing more towards the wistful, psychedelic pop end of things than dance music. It’s a dense sound palette he’s playing with, detached vocals subsumed beneath prettily twinkling electronics and chiming guitar noise. There’s an album in the works as well under this name due out in the summer, but for now get to know this new guise for the producer by downloading the EP for free.

Singing Statues – No Disguise EP by Astro:Dynamics

Astro:dynamics have released Singing Statues’ ‘No Disguise’ EP as a free download

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