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06.06.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Squadda Bambino - 4 Da Fam (Color Blind) mixtape

Squadda Bambino often provides the hard-edged punch to Mondre M.A.N’s drawl for Main Attrakionz but this distinction is relative to the duo’s soupy sound. Squadda B’s nasally voice is more upfront but just as free-flowing as his partner’s and perfect for his heart-felt musings and care-free bragging.

His latest solo mixtape ’4 Da Fam (Color Blind)’ is a fine vehicle for showcasing the vocals with beats recycled from other artists and sprinkles of dancehall and R’n‘B alongside cuts like the Geto Boys flip Niggas Watchin’, arguably the most recognisable of the hip-hop beats on the tape. The versatile Squadda B speaks on anything and everything here, referencing countless places, people and times whilst remaining rooted in his very personal style.

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