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02.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

The Deeep – Slow Coaster (Myrrh reeemix) [MP3]

Toronto band The Deeep uploaded this track to their Soundcloud over the weekend, and it’s one of the nicest tracks that have floated into view over the last whenever. For those paying close attention, you’ll remember that The Deeep (Isla Craig, Vic Craig and Wolfgang Nessel) have released through Amanda – you know, Not Not Fun, LA Vampires, do keep up – Brown’s dance-focussed imprint 100% Silk. This remix, of the amazing song Slow Coaster, clangs and swoons and hits hard and reminds the listener of highlife, and dub, and The Slits, and afternoons spent drinking mushroom tea, or maybe sailing in ancient times.

100% Silk released The Deeep’s 12” ‘Mudd Tracks’ earlier this year

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