New Music
11.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Traxman-Da Mind Of Traxman

The juke/ghetto house veteran producer from Chicago, Cornelius Ferguson aka Traxman has been a highly respected figure within the juke scene for the past twenty years, has played a valuable role in its evolution and is known for providing numerous mixtapes and sample sources for many classic tracks. He is also a member of DJ Rashad’s Ghetto Teknitianz crew and has released music on underground labels such as Dancemania, Ghettophiles, BTB and Moveltraxx. After releasing music on Planet Mu’s extremely well received juke compilations ‘Bangs and Works Vol 1&2’ , he is back on Mike Parantinas’ roaster with his debut release ‘Da Mind of Traxman’.
Traxman probably knows Chicago’s musical history better than anyone else and definitely treats his house, soul and funk roots with respect in this album, which certainly isn’t a classic take on footwork and it feels like the past meets the future.
Cleverly selected samples, acid basslines, jazzed up techno rhythms and articulate production skills complete a release that can not be ignored and takes footwork one step further into the 21st century.

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