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08.06.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Waka Flocka Flame - Triple F Life

It’s fair to say that Waka Flocka Flame is really more of a force of nature than a rapper, making his name by hurtling a super-sized personality through over-sized productions on his first album ‘Flockavelli’. With an unmistakable presence and an ear for a hook, Flocka has consistently ripped through dancefloors and house parties in the year or so since it was released but the worry was that his elemental style would eventually fall short. What wasn’t really counted for was the earnestness and humour beneath his burly persona.

Waka’s new album ‘Triple F Life’ opens with a tender, toy piano ditty about his love for his friends, fans and family – the three ‘f’‘s alluded to in the title – and the first single from the album Round of Applause is a jellied pop masterpiece. That’s not to say Waka has forgotten what made him so popular, and tracks like Rooster in my Rari and Let Dem Guns Blam with scattergun mad-man Meek Mill show he hasn’t forgotten about the fun of shouting very loudly. Flocka’s lyrical limitations as a rapper can be offset by talents more difficult to quantify but just as, if not more, important and will ensure he endures.

‘Triple F Life’ is released on 12th June and is streamed exclusively (with one legal restriction and a lot of drops) through Datpiff.

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