18.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

The $5 million monument to illegal downloading

An artist has pirated $5,000,000 worth of albums, books and computer programmes, and stored them on this beautiful, 1 terabyte harddrive.

In a neat, if terrifying for the entertainment industry, idea, artist Manuel Palou has downloaded 1,000 gigabytes of music, media and software, which would have cost $5 million, had he not done so illegally. The contents of the sculptural object, above, can be viewed here.

The harddrive-cum-monument, containing $46,000 worth of music, is on display, fittingly enough, online at Squeamish readers involved in the sale of intellectual property may wish to look away. Others may wish to reflect on the fact that the sentence “Fiction books – 133Gb – $3,000,000” or “Album collection – 140Gb – $46,000” rather makes one want to buy a physical product, just for the sake of having one good thing.

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