25.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Ai Weiwei does his own version of 'Gangnam Style'

The contemporary artist has impersonated the internet sensation, and it's already been censored in China.

Uploaded onto the internet last night as a four minute video, Ai Weiwei’s own performance of K-pop mega-hit Gangnam Style (which does indeed see him performing that dance) has been ousted off of the web almost completely in Weiwei’s native China. Last year saw the artist detained for three months without explanation, and now his humorous attempt at parodying the South Korean rapper Psy’s biggest track thus far has obviously riled the Chinese government to no end.

The video – in which Weiwei swivels round a pair of handcuffs whilst dancing along – can be seen here. Whilst seemingly quite random, Weiwei has stated to the Associated Press his concern for the state of control which exists in his home nation, which acted as the impetus for his version of the song:

‘Our happiness is constantly being taken away from us, our homes demolished, we are always controlled, passports can be taken away from us, and all these can affect our happiness,’ […] ‘However, every morning we have the opportunity to give others something to laugh about. Laughter is important.’

Read more about this story at the Metro.

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