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12.10.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

"I'm just very worried about the erosion of civil and human rights": Aphex Twin clarifies his Covid-19 opinions

The producer had been accused of calling the pandemic a hoax

Aphex Twin has used his Soundcloud bio to clarify his opinions on the pandemic, which had previously suggested that he saw it as a hoax.

It now reads: “..had a lot of Pm’s, tried to answer a lot of them individually but to the ones I didn’t reply to: I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax, I’m just very worried about the erosion of civil and human rights and how we are to get them back.”

Responding to other users’ comments on the platform, Aphex also shared concerns about the six-person restrictions currently in place: “I mean what if we the people are not happy about any other government policies, we now can’t have more than 6 people in a protest, what are we to do?”

He also brought up the UK chancellor’s recent comments that suggested that people in the arts look for other career opportunities: “Got very upset about Rishi Sunak, UK minister the other day saying musicians should retrain…I mean really, ffs?”

The new comment includes a link to a 1989 documentary about permaculture.

The Warp producer previously used his Soundcloud bio to speak out about governmental control, writing: “When you are held under house arrest, when no crime has been committed, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy.”

His bio previously read: “‘You stupid tin foil hat wearing idiot’, said the person wearing a 2 month old soggy mask.”

Recently, Aphex Twin billboards have begun appearing in London (at Phonica), Berlin and LA, suggesting that the producer has something in the works.

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