09.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Barack Obama reveals his Spotify playlist

US President's 2012 mix includes is classy and upbeat, as you would expect.

As the Republican primary race gets wackier and wackier, President Barack Obama’s temperament seems as placid as you’d expect, if his music taste is anything to go. Earlier this year, there was his rationally balanced position on the hysteria around the Sopa bill, and his singing of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together at a rally. Now, the POTUS has Tweeted his Spotify playlist.

For our money, it’s actually a pretty decent, if relentlessly centrist, set of songs with no clangers. Interestingly, it’s an understandably optimistic set of tunes, from Wilco to Earth Wind And Fire to Al Green to Florence + The Machine. In a set that starts with No Doubt and ends with Bruce Springsteen’s We Look After Our Own, it seems Barack sees few clouds on the horizon come November. Let’s stay together, indeed.

Listen to what the President likes by clicking here

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