23.11.2011, Words by dummymag

Bebe Tunes is possibly James Ferraro's new project

Listen to some post-modern, hyper-real new tunes from the prolific artist.

As noted many times before, James Ferraro is one of the most prolific artists in the underground noise/ambient scene. Having released the ‘Condo Pets’ EP (reviewed here), his latest album ‘Far Side Virtual’ (listen here) and the RVNG Intl. released ‘FRKWYS 7’ ensemble record that saw him join forces with David Borden, Daniel Lopatin, Laurel Halo and Samuel Godin so far this year, the LA-based musician has already been working on new material and tweeting links to his new tracks.

Bebe Tunes is possibly the name of Ferraro’s yet-to-be-announced new project, as written in the caption of one of the new songs, s i r i P0P, which suggestively references Siri, the intelligent software assistant available on the iPhone 4S. The other tracks are titled Pepsi Baby and Life In Hipstamatic – Pepsi Baby. Once again, it seems like Ferraro is trying to explore the matter of global consumer behaviour and how it affects music. Listen to all three below.

Hippos In Tanks released James Ferraro’s ‘Far Side Virtual’ LP on 25th October, 2011

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