B E Ed E Eg EE
07.11.2013, Words by dummymag

bEEdEEgEE feat. Lovefoxxx - Flowers

On paper, bEEdEEgEE's name looks like a tongue twister, and you'd expect the music he makes to be just as fizzy and attention deficit. Actually, it's really easy to pronounce – bEEdEEgEE is the alias of Gang Gang Dance co-founder Brian DeGraw, so just check those B-D-G initials and you're there – and his music is surprisingly streamlined, too.

That said, Flowers is still pretty maximal (which you might expect, given Gang Gang Dance once declared that "it's everything time"; even so, Flowers is not nearly as unhinged as recent track Bricks), but it's not busy or trying on the ears. Despite a bunch of weird instruments, and peculiar sounds, Flowers sticks together through DeGraw's solid songwriting and CSS singer and Kavinsky collaborator Lovefoxxx's vocal turn. Way more pretty than you might expect.

4AD will release 'SUM/ONE' on December 2nd 2013.

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