31.10.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Bjork, DJ Spooky, Anti-Pop Consortium and Sonic Youth to remix Meredith Monk

Renowned experimental composer turns to fundraising platform to put out new release.

Renowned composer, singer and choreographer Meredith Monk has announced a new album entitled ‘MONK MIX: Remixes & Interpretations of Meredith Monk’s Music’. It will include contributions and collaborations from artists including Bjork, hip hop artist DJ Spooky, composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, High Priest of Anti-Pop Consortium, guitarist/composer Arto Lindsay and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth amongst others. The project will only go ahead, however, if Monk reaches a fundraising target of $15,000. Find out more about the ‘MONK MIX’ and how to contribute here.

Monk is one of the increasing number of artists turning to a fundraising platform to put out a release. While Ducktails and Daniel Johnston raised cash through Kick Starter, Monk is using USA Projects. The principle seems roughly the same: participants pledge funds for which they receive incremental rewards – but the project must be fully funded by a certain date (Monk’s deadline is 30th November) for the artist to receive any of the funds.

Here’s a reminder of Meredith Monk’s singular brilliance: her startling Dolmen Music (1979) below. Plus check our interview with Meredith and Blondes from the beginning of this year, when Blondes sampled her track Rally for their song Lover.

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