04.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Boards of Canada will play their new album in record stores on release day

If you missed the album's live broadcast last night, don't fret: a host of UK and Irish stores will play the album at 12:30pm on its release day.

For anybody wishing to hear the new Boards of Canada record but who missed its live broadcast last night (and can’t or won’t use Google), Warp have a message for you: don’t fret.

On the day of the album’s release, June 10th, a host of UK record stores will be playing the thing in full at 12.30pm. The list of participating stores was posted to the Warp website earlier today and includes popular stores in major cities, as well as in a few outlier towns (Letchworth, Weston-Super-Mare, Marlborough). There will also be a premiere in Irish stores on June 7th, the album’s earlier release date over there.

Playing the album in full on Friday 7th June at 12:30pm:

Cork, Plugd Records
Dublin, Elastic Witch
Dublin, Freebird Records
Dublin, Tower Records

Playing the album in full on Monday 10th June at 12:30pm:

Belfast, Head
Brighton, Resident
Bristol, Head
Bristol, Rise
Bromley, Head
Cheltenham, Rise
Edinburgh, Avalanche
Edinburgh, Underground Solushn
Glasgow, Monorail
Glasgow, Love Music
Guildford, People Independent
Kingston, Banquet
Leamington Spa, Head
Letchworth, Davids
London, Phonica
London, Rough Trade East
London, Rough Trade West
London, Sister Ray
Manchester, Piccadilly
Manchester, The Music Exchange
Marlborough, Sound Knowledge
Oxford, Truck Store
Totnes, Drift
Weston-Super-Mare, Head
Worcester, Rise

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