03.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Burial will share brand new material later this month

The enigmatic South Londoner offers second Hyperdub release of 2012 with two-track single comprising of 25 minutes of new music.

Seemingly out of nowhere, it’s been announced that Burial will release a new single on the 17th December, on 180 gramme vinyl and CD. The single will include two tracks simply titled ‘One’ and ‘Two’, and according to Boomkat will feature nearly half an hour of brand new material.

The announcement seems to hint that the producer will continue in the vein of the expansive sonic landscapes of this year’s mercurial ‘Kindred’ EP, which marked a transition and evolution from the more song-based structures of previous album and EP releases.

Update: Kode 9 has just tweeted that the tracks on the release will be titled Truant and Rough Sleeper.

Hyperdub will release the ‘One/Two’ single on the 17th December

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