04.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Charmain Kato plays London art show

The showcase of contemporary collages will host international artists and exciting DJ sets.

‘To Glue’ is an exhibition of contemporary collage featuring six remarkable artists from around the world that will take place in London tomorrow evening.

The event is curated by Dummy art director Meg Sharp and will be celebrated at Meter Restaurant and Bar (former City Arts and Music Project).

‘To Glue’ will showcase the artwork of the American illustrator Jesse Lenz, painter Alicia Ortiz, UK Ffion Atkinson, photographer and graphic designer Monika Traikov, Sally Linsdell (who also designed the exhibition’s poster) and Spanish Ruben Martinho.

The view will take place from 8 to 10 pm, after which there will be a 3-hour long DJ set. The artists lined up are London producer Charmain Kato, iO (who recently did a mix for Mary Anne Hobbs), Terry Gunns, Sam Zircon, Joe T Clash, and Superpavilion DJ’s.

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