29.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Clams Casino x DOOM - Bookfiend

Clams Casino lends a warm and melodic production to legendary rapper MF DOOM.

Exciting news today: legendary underground rapper DOOM and hazy beatmaker Clams Casino have collaborated on a new track named Bookfiend. Clams’ instrumental is, as usual, druggy and clouded, but it’s much warmer and more melodic than his often quite lonely, foreboding work, and it gets a lot of breathing space in its final act when DOOM shuts his yapper. It’s apparently one of many DOOM collaborations which will come out through Lex later in the year. In related news, DOOM’s 2003 album ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, released as King Geedorah, is getting a vinyl repress this week courtesy of Beat Delete.

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