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Dave I.D. unveils debut album 'Response', out 13th June

Dave I.D. started making music with his computers in his bedroom back in 2006. His first release ‘Why Weren’t The Message Sent’ came out at the beginning 2009. ‘Gangs’ EP is his second, and it dropped in January this year. Following on, Off The Uncertain Button / !K7 will debut the London-based producer’s album ‘Response’. The album, to use the artist’s own words, is “something pretty simple and straightforward… The album is a record of the time that it was made, and that’s what was going on in my life at the time. I didn’t necessarily want to make the debut album like that. I felt I had to make it.”

‘Response’ tracklist:

1. When Everything Is In Its Place
2. SumR
3. The Takeover
4. You Me Come For
5. Oil
6. HIS
7. N.O.W
8. Marvel
9. There’s A Kingdom For That
10. Mine

Dave I.D. Liveshows:

12th May @ Digital, The Great Escape

Off The Uncertain Button / !K7 will release Dave I.D.‘s ‘Response’ on 13th June, 2011.


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