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03.07.2014, Words by dummymag

Dean Blunt was on Rinse last night to talk and perform from 'Black Metal'

The recent Rough Trade acquisition stopped by Scratcha DVA's show for a rare chat and performance.

This is essential listening for Dean Blunt fanatics: last night he made a rare appearance on Scratcha DVA's Rinse show to talk and play tracks from 'Black Metal', his previously announced project with Rough Trade. Hype Williams-related antics have taken place before with Scratcha on Rinse, with Inga Copeland performing on the Hyperdub show in 2012, including an interview with Copeland in which she answered questions entirely in Russian. 

Blunt performed live, including material lifted from 'Black Metal', and also shouted out James Ferraro several times to suggest that their 'Watch The Throne' project is sitll in the pipeline. Later he went in the mix and played out some trap rap repeatedly at odds with Rinse's no swearing policy. He chatted openly with Scratcha, joking how he still backs vinyl because "only bored people with loads of money buy my music". He also made it fairly clear that he doesn't really like being described as a "prankster" (guilty). 

To top it off, some information on the thinking behind "finished" new record 'Black Metal', describing it as focused on the "backward" racial progression evident via "the American black male using existing white images" for empowerment, evident through rapper monikers like Black Cobain (and perhaps identifiable in tracks like Kanye West's Black Skinhead or Danny Brown's Die Like A Rockstar). Blunt suggested that the notion of "Black Metal" focused instead on looking forward to fresh, undefined ideas. 

Delve in below – Blunt drops in around the 37-minute mark. 


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