19.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Deena Jonez - The Darkest Hype

The Brooklyn rapper takes Dummy's very own release, Philip D. Kick's remix of Cadenza's The Darkest Hype, on a mission to showcase her visceral lyrical skill.

Cadenza’s The Darkest Hype is a self-contained piece of work entirely in its own right, with its application of dancehall-driven swagger truly doing justice to the 22-year-old producer’s father, and his globally recognised skill as a selector (David Rodigan is Cadenza’s dad, just in case you didn’t know). Released on Dummy Records, the record included a snarling remix by Om Unit – operating under alias Philip D. Kick – and that rework has now been utilised by Brooklyn rapper Deena Jonez to amplify her lyrical braggadocio.

Taking advantage of the anthemic, sound-of-the-street quality which is apparent on the Philip D. Kick remix, Jonez comes armed with a multitude of quick-witted rhymes and tricky wordplay as a means to do away with the naysayers, and by using The Darkest Hype as the musical backdrop to pump up her bravado, she’s proven herself pretty fierce already.

Check out Deena Jonez’s takeover of Philip D. Kick’s production just below; the original release is still available to listen and purchase from Dummy’s Label section of the site, located here.

This article was edited on the 19th October 2012 to give proper credit to Om Unit and his Philip D. Kick remix, as opposed to merely Cadenza’s original version.

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