09.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Demdike Stare release epic 4-way vinyl gatefold

Singular occult techno duo begin to release 4-vinyl cycle themed around floral colours.

Since releasing their first album in 2009, producer / crate-digger duo Demdike Stare have carved a pretty singular space for themselves in the dark spaces of occult-tinged techno. The combination of Sean Canty’s record collection and Miles Whittaker’s production makes for sample-heavy drone-techno which shifts between dark and heavy bangers and eerie atmospherics.

This week, Demdike Stare release the first two parts of a lavishly presented four part vinyl gatefold set, ‘Elemental’. Parts one and two come in a quadruple book-style gatefold which will also house parts three and four, due for release early next year. The parts are called Chrysanthe, Violetta, Rose and Iris and are, or will be, pressed on correspondingly coloured vinyl.

Boomkat describes ‘Elemental’ as containing “some of the most dense, eerie and evocative pieces ever recorded by Demdike, leavened by an almost industrial sense of rhythmic structure and atmosphere-building that creates a jet-black aesthetic only intermittently illuminated by shards of light.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you about those hidden locked grooves..

‘Elemental’ will be released as a double CD later in 2012 although the tracklisting will vary from the LP, with the majority of tracks appearing on both formats in different versions.

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