28.06.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

DJ Nate releases 'Hatas Our Motivation' EP

A man at the centre of one of the weirdest and most amazing scenes in the world, Chicago Juke star DJ Nate will release his mindbending debut EP on 2nd August on Planet Mu.

Juke, a form of abstracted House music that grew around “Footworking” dance competitions, has been growing to almost universal popularity, with Girl Unit, Jam City and Addison Grove making music heavily influenced by its syncopated, skittering, hypnotic bass minimalism and scattered soul.

The scene is terrifically interesting, but one producer stands head and shoulders above the rest, as least as far as well can tell. 20-year-old Nathan Clark – aka DJ Nate – has been releasing music since he was 15, and his jams bring a soulfulness and fierce emotional kick to a sound that can – at times – sound closer to drum tracks than dance songs – listen to the jawdropping tracks Hatas Our Motivation below:

So, being the sorts who enjoy watching youtube clips of mindbending club music late into the night we’re terrifically excited about Winter EP, a six-track set of instrumentals by DJ Nate from Planet Mu’s compilation ‘Da Trak Genious’, out 6th September. It’s his first worldwide release, and collects together five years of tracks from DJ Nate, most of which existed only as CD-Rs, YouTubes or Imeem clips.

Hatas Our Motivation Tracklisting

1. Hatas Our Motivation
2. Ima Burn Him
3. Make Em Run
4. We Can Work This Out
5. Back Down
6. See Into My Eyes

A clip of “Footwork” :


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