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22.11.2017, Words by dummymag

Dummy x 555-5555

Today Dummy announces the start of an ongoing collaboration with design studio 555-5555. 555-5555 are best known for their design work for Daphni and the studio founders' group patten, creating iconic graphics, stage design, video and apparel with an irreverent approach seen in their K_TE and L_SA tees.

Dummy founder Paul Benney: "We are pleased to welcome 555-5555 to the Dummy team, working with us on creative direction and design, including some major new projects coming in 2018. To celebrate, we're releasing the first fruit of our collaboration – '76 Labels'.  With list season upon us, we're paying tribute to 76 of our favourite labels from 2017 as an apparel range including a sweatshirt, T-shirts and a bag. There's a lot of talk recently saying labels aren't relevant anymore, but without the communities that surround music, the clubs, the labels, the collectives, the whole scene would be a poorer, less creative place."

Pre-orders will go live in our store at 7pm (GMT) Wednesday November 22nd and orders will be shipped on Wednesday December 13th in plenty of time for Christmas.

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