09.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Earl Sweatshirt is back (right?)

Earl Sweatshirt, the absent spiritual father of Odd Future, has returned with a Twitter account and a new song, apparently.

The prodigiously talented Earl Sweatshirt was away while Odd Future blew up. The LA rap crew that he founded with Tyler, The Creator was one of the most talked about bands of the year, but he was nowhere to be seen. Tyler Tweeted about missing him, and The New Yorker published a great article that seemed to suggest he was attending a reform school in Samoa, but all that was left was his fantastic 2010 mixtape ‘Earl’.

That was, until Tyler Tweeted “Oh. Thebe Has….I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earlxsweat”. On that Twitter was a link to a video, the word “Home” and a simple promise that when he reached 50,000, the full version would be released.

Predictably, that didn’t take long. “Listen to Home on his website”; and watch a clip below.

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