28.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Elite Gymnastics, a great band, signed to Acephale Records, a great label

The Minneapolis ravers will be releasing their first 12" in early September.

Elite Gymnastics, a duo from Minneapolis who make bright-eyed, psychedelic rave jams, have announced that they will be releasing a 12” version of their EP ‘RUIN’ in early September, through terminally excellent New York label Acephale Records.

Patrik North, co-owner of Acephale, said of Elite Gymnastics’ latest EP: “There’s this incredible sense of emotional honesty and vulnerability in the songs on ‘RUIN’ and it’s this that makes me so passionate to be working with them. They’ve managed to craft such a strong sense of personality, both aesthetically and conceptually, and my response to that was immediate. I’ve been pretty much listening to both sides of the EP non-stop.”

Free download links of ‘RUIN’ have now been removed in preparation for the proper vinyl release of the record. In response to potential controversy this may cause, the band wrote on their Tumblr: “if you are one of those people who is really into “free legal downloads” or whatever and are very disappointed in us now, we don’t really care because we have a fucking 12” coming out on ACEPHALE RECORDS with a FULL COLOR ART BOOKLET and we are PSYCHED.”

Acephale Records will release ‘RUIN 1/RUIN 2’ (pre-order here) in early September 2011

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