18.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Emeralds have split up

Steve Hauschildt has announced on Twitter that the band have called it a day, with all future tour dates cancelled with immediate effect.

With only a matter of weeks passing since Mark Mcguire’s exit left them as a duo, Steve Hauschildt recently tweeted that he too has decided to leave Emeralds – a move that has led to the project disbanding.

Since forming in Cleveland in 2006, Emeralds have produced a synth-focused ambience that has consistently innovated and pushed boundaries – with perhaps their most acclaimed work coming with 2010 album ‘Does It Look Like I’m Here?’. The members of the trio had already delved into working on solo material and side projects, with Steve’s ‘Sequitur’ release chosen as our album of the week in November.

Steve put his decision down to “personal reasons”, later stating: “Our legacy is one to be felt, not remembered – the music always spoke for itself and will continue to do so as a testament to hard work.” Read his full statement in the tweets below.

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