27.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Extraordinary songwriter Zoo Kid comes back as King Krule

16-year-old Archy Marshall is back with the third name as he releases EP for True Panther Sounds.

South east London resident Archy Marshall lucked out in the name stakes 16 years ago, but has struck gold a third time, dropping Zoo Kid and renaming his singer-songwriter project King Krule. Zoo Kid built up a storm of interest on the back of one very good single, Out Getting Ribs last year, on his manager Jamie Hodgson’s label House Anxiety. Now, after laying low, he will bring out a five-song EP on True Panther Sounds on November 7th, a label notable for launching the careers of such 21st century pop favourites Girls, Glasser, Tanlines and Teengirl Fantasy.

Archy’s music aches and strums, deep soul sung in a modern vernacular, with a voice old as London herself and with the ruffian swagger of a young tough. A tender talent, file him next to Glamma Kid, Ian Dury and Tenor Saw (we’re not kidding), and do not forget him for a second.

King Krule – King Krule EP tracklisting
Bleak Bake
Portrait In Black and Blue
Lead Existence
The Noose Of Jah City

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