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19.05.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Eye-opening study on mental health in the music industry 'Can Music Make You Sick?' is now available as a free audiobook

One chapter of the audiobook is being released every week for six weeks...

Last year, the book citing the largest ever study into mental health in the music industry ‘Can Music Make You Sick? Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition’ by Sally Anne Gross and Dr. George Musgrave was published by the University of Westminster Press, exploring the lived experiences of musicians in the modern-day industry.

The publication asks a range of important questions such as why music-makers are three times more likely to experience mental health issues than the general public?; why are women musicians still experiencing inequality in the industry?; and are we churning out too many musicians for the industry to handle?

Following the success of the book, which became an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller, and to ensure the book’s message reaches an even wider audience, it is now being released as an audiobook.

Voiced by Dr. George Musgrave, one chapter of the audiobook is being released every week for six weeks in a freely accessible podcast form.

Speaking about the new format, the authors said: “We are passionate about ensuring our work reaches the widest audience possible. We know how busy people’s lives are – from the musicians we work with to the students we teach – and we hope that by recording this audiobook a new audience can engage with the ideas and challenges our research presents”

While the audiobook is being made freely available on a number of podcast platforms, a downloadable paid-for version will shortly be available via Audible for anyone who wants to get all the episodes at once.

The first chapter is available to listen below. Find out more information here.

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