21.07.2011, Words by dummymag

Flying Lotus - Lullaby / Heave(n) Mix 2 [stream]

The LA based producer feeds your brain with new material.

The mixes that FlyLo did for Stone Throws – Lovers Melt 1 & 2, are music “found in the valley” that can melt your brain. The Brainfeeder bossman now returns with some new, personal material that he dropped on Soundcloud yesterday: Lullaby is a bold, loopy, heavily percussive and bassy track that ends with soothing, hypnotic chimes while Heave(n) Mix 2 displays a more sample-based approach with recurring, buzzing synths. Stream FlyLo’s new MP3s below for your listening pleasure.

Flying Lotus – lullaby by Flyinglotus

Flying lotus – heave (n) mix2 by Flyinglotus

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