01.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Ford & Lopatin - World of Regret (Legowelt Remix) [stream]

Dutch electronic musician Legowelt zaps the catchy Ford & Lopatin tune with a handful of bubbling synths.

Already dense with electronic playfulness, the Ford & Lopatin track World of Regret is made even richer and even synth-ier in the hands of Legowelt .

Stretching the original song out to a dreamlike six minutes and thirty seconds, the track becomes engulfing and insistent under the weight of more synths, more beats, and more space to breathe. Stick with it through the incredible stuttering, gasping effect of its stops-and-starts, and try to count all the different ways it makes you think of the 80s.

Ford & Lopatin – World of Regret (Legowelt Remix) by Mexican Summer

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