17.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Forest Swords returns with rarities EP 'Fjree Feather'

Terribly good Wirral producer comes back with remastered EP of rarities through No Pain In Pop.

With so many people churning stuff out at a rate of knots, it’s pretty rare that I’ll get into the office and think “Wow, I wish this producer would release some more music”, but Forest Swords is one of the rare internet musicians whose quality is massively outweighed by his quantity, to such an extent that news of some more music reaches Burial-levels of flip out-ery. So, great to tell you about the re-release of Forest Swords’s previously CD-R only Fjree Feather EP on No Pain In Pop, with all profits going to the Red Cross in Japan. For download immediately through, with a nice white 12” available on the 20th June.

Forest Swords’s ‘Fjree Feather’ EP tracklisting
1 Down Steps
2 Red Rocks Fogg
3 Kaibisa Claps
4 Trust Your Blood
5 Riverbed
6 Bones

Forest Swords (real name Matthew Barnes) has released has only 8 songs readily available, spread across four release, but these are some of the most extraordinary music of recent years, namely the pastoral creep of last year’s ‘Dagger Paths’ EP and the ‘Rattling Cage’ 7”, and the woven, sit-there-weeping beauty of 2009’s Glory Gongs, below. So, news that his list of songs is almost doubling is really good, click below to hear one of the tracks from the EP.

[Forest Swords – Riverbed video]

No Pain In Pop will release Forest Swords’s EP ‘Fjree Feather’ on the 20th June, with downloads available through now

Buy ‘Dagger Paths’ by Forest Swords

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