13.02.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Grimes - 'Visions'

Listen to captivating Canadian pop star's wonderful new album in full.

Grimes announced a few hours ago on Twitter that “the whole grimes record can be streamed on NPR as of right now”. ‘Visions’, Grimes’s fourth album but first on a major label, is out a couple of weeks earlier in the states (February 21st to our March 12th) but the internet is, thankfully, everywhere so head over to NPR to listen in full. It’s a stunning record: sensual, warm and fresh, drawing on influences as wide as TLC and Aphex Twin (the latter’s ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ is 20 years old this month, incidentally). While the whole of ‘Visions’ catches in the memory, my favourites are Symphonia IX (my wait is u) and Be A Body, both of which sounded magical last week at White Heat in Soho where Grimes performed a short club set while in London on promo duties. She’ll be back with a full show in May (dates here). Also, just in case you missed it, check Yours Truly’s beautiful film of Grimes performing Genesis below.

4AD will release Grimes ‘Visions’ on 12th March 2012 in the UK

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