02.05.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Haleek Maul - Gully

Heady, intoxicating and furious rhymes from prodigious young Brooklin rapper Haleek Maul.

Barbados-born and Brooklyn-based Haleek Maul makes intoxicating, powerful and harsh rhymes which he growls with a raucous and grating voice. Despite Gully being a song that talks about a terrible doom feeling – a sort of rap anthem that lies somewhere between anger and surrender – its melody is hypnotic, delicate and unusually pleasant. Gully is the result of a style and a talent that would appear impressive for a rapper with a solid career and a long-time experience, but Haleek is only 15-year-old.

Lyrics such as “I’m not a person, I’m just verses stuck inside your head” or “everybody wanna see me cry, everybody wanna see me dead” and “No girl I’m not OK, fuck this world”, do not seem exactly the sort of things that you should talk about when you’re 15, but, as all grown-ups should remember, there’s nothing more difficult than being young, and this is a talented guy channelling his angst more effectively than many twice his age.

You can stream Gully below, which as well as being on the Supreme Cuts mixtape, will also be featured on Haleek’s upcoming EP ‘Oxyconteen’, out June 14th on Merok Records.

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