18.07.2011, Words by dummymag

James Murphy and comedian Reggie Watts are making music together

Expect a 7" single from the two artists and funny men next year, or maybe even earlier.

Since LCD Soundsystem performed their last ever gig at Madison Sqaure Garden back in February, what has James Murphy been up to? According to NY Mag, the artist is producing music with stand-up comedian/musician “Reggie Watts“ “James and I might be doing a single sometime soon,” Watts claimed. “It’s still 60 percent loose, but he seems down to do it and I think it would be fun to work with him. That would be great.”

Watts also explained that the collaboration would come out as a 7” single, with a remix on the B-side. He would deliver the vocals while Murphy and Watts as a group will “probably do some kind of a cover”. The single might come to light sometime at the beginning of next year, or even earlier.

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