04.01.2013, Words by Ruth Saxelby

JCCG - Splash Clash Tempo

Sweet guitar lullaby for these in-between days by endlessly beguiling Portuguese musician.

Dates and times might well be arbitrary but there is no denying the wooly-eyed fug of these in-between days: this squirrelly half-week of our new year. It’s like 2013 hasn’t really got going yet: the engine’s full of water (or half-digested sambuca depending on how your NYE went down). Fret not though, for here is a sliver of salvation in the form of a new 2-minute guitar-strumming ponder from Portugal’s JCCG (aka Sofa Pits, who I’ve meandered on about before). It’s lovely to quite simply hear the guitar foregrounded as an instrument without getting swallowed up in regurgitated questions about whether “guitar music” is indeed back or not (only worth answering with a withering glance). I’d actually recommend playing JCCG’s Soundcloud page all the way through. It’ll take the edge off, promise.

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