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10.03.2020, Words by dummymag

Watch a mini-doc on Hackney singer-songwriter JNR Williams for Yamaha's 'Way Up' series

The East London soul talent takes us round his neck of the woods on the film...

Yamaha have launched ‘Way Up’, a new documentary video series focusing on introducing and supporting emerging artists.

Following the first edition with Zoe Mead of Wyldest (read our feature with the band here), their latest revolves around rising East London soul talent JNR Williams.

In the mini doc, Williams takes the viewer round his corner of London and performs his own music in stunning locations on a Yamaha grand.

“I remember when I first started writing A Prayer, it was on a little Yamaha keyboard that I bought from Argos when I was in college,” JNR Williams says. “Going back to the stripped back version takes me to that time, I love the rawness and the simplicity of the song in that form. Thank you to Yamaha’s way up series for bringing me back and reminding me of the writing stages of the track.”

The ‘Way Up’ series also includes a panel where artists discuss their experiences in the music industry and their own personal journeys with their music. Taking place on March 17th, the panel will be held at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo, where JNR Williams and Wyldest will meet up with other artists from around the globe to talk through their experiences.

Watch JNR Williams’ ‘Way Up’ documentary below.

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