15.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Justin Walter - Dream Weaving

Bustling, lo-fi ambience from a new addition to the Kranky roster.

Justin Walter is a new signing on the ever-reliable Kranky, and shared Dream Weaving ahead of the release of ‘Lullabies and Nightmares’ LP, at the end of last week. The main instrument Justin has used for the album is the EVI, a form of synthetic wind instrument, the full history of which can be nerd-ed out over here. Dream Weaving bustles along with understated jauntiness – with the smell of antique synthesisers near enough left intact. Stream it below, and check out a short video of Justin at work in the studio.

Kranky will release ‘Lullabies and Nightmares’ on the 27th May.

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