07.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Live-stream Thom Yorke DJing at Occupy London, right now

Radiohead frontman on the decks at a secret location around Occupy LSX, live stream thereof inside.

occupylsx on Broadcast Live Free

From an undisclosed warehouse location, with pretty trashy sound, is Thom Yorke DJing for the Occupy London movement. He will be joined by Massive Attack and Tim Goldsworthy from UNKLE / DFA later, we’ve heard. Follow @occupylsx for more cutting-edge music recommendations (and politics and so on).

From the page:

15th October 12pm St Paul’s Cathedral The words ‘corporate greed’ ring through the speeches and banners of protests across the globe. After huge bail-outs and in the face of unemployment, privatisation and austerity we still see profits for the rich on the increase. But we are the 99%, and on October 15th our voice unites across gender and race, across borders and continents as we call for equality and justice for all. In London we will occupy the stock exchange. Reclaiming space in the face of the financial system and using it to voice ideas for how we can work towards a better future. A future free from austerity, growing inequality, unemployment, tax injustice and a political elite who ignores its citizens, and work towards concrete demands to be met. Assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at Midday – please try to be on time and not early or late. When you are there be ready and attentive. Make sure to follow @OccupyLSX on twitter for updates on the day. Try to come with a friend or group of friends. If you are thinking of staying for a while bring plenty of food and water, wrap up warm and you may want to bring tents and a sleeping bag. Bring your energy and excitement, and be ready to create a better world!


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