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06.02.2014, Words by dummymag

Mark E - Bog Dance

King of the chug shares the first single from his new album for Spectral Sound.

Mark E might be the living embodiment of the word "chug". There's no other word you can use to describe his music – it's chugging, hypnotic, slow motion house, and he's been nailing it for years now. He operates in that spacey zone that figures like the great man Andrew Weatherall, where the deep bass and enveloping arpeggios, coupled with the low tempos, reveal weird, previously invisible qualities of sound.

Mark E's newest single is called Bog Dance and is one of the more accomplished things he's done, an analogue house… chugger, moving along at a modest pace of around 110 beats per minute. It's taken from his new album, 'Product Of Industry', its title a reference to Mark E's Birmingham hometown, scarred by the decimation of the UK industry during the 1970s. As Mark E explains in a press release for the album: "I’m now a music producer and DJ, and this is totally different to my grandparents who were truck drivers and sheet metal workers. [The title discusses] how I came to be in this position, due to the current global financial situation. I lost my job due to it, [which led to me] trying out music — and here I am, a product of industry, both currently and historically."


01. Kultra Kafe
02. Persia
03. Smoke
04. Being Hiding
05. Bog Dance
06. Myth of Tomorrow
07. Eganix
08. Image Monitor Learn
09. Leaving Osaka

Spectral Sound will release 'Product Of Industry' on April 28th 2014.

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