05.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Massive Attack start radiostation for Occupy movement, Phillip Glass appears in New York

Soundcloud page blasting mixes in support of protests started by Robert Del Nada and 3D.

While New York’s Occupy movement has had so much interest from musicians that they had to ask Jay-Z to knock it off, London’s Stock Exchange Occupation has been comparatively silent. Massive Attack, a band used to sticking a political oar in, have started a Soundcloud page blasting mixes “in support of the Occupy London movement”, featuring sets from Horsemeat Disco, Tim Goldsworthy and 3D. Robert Del Nada wrote the below as a starting statement. Visit the page here.

Mixes from the Massive Attack Channel.
we did some mixes in support of the occupy london movement.
we don’t see it as left versus right or anarchy versus order.
but people taking action and applying pressure on a problem that politicians
are unable to fix as they are also the shareholders.
look forward to your comments and criticisms. robert

3D Occupy Radio Mix by Occupy Radio

In other Occupy news, New Yorker critic Alex Ross uploaded an appearance by Phillip Glass at the New York Wall Street Occupation, after the performance of his 1980 opera ‘Satyagraha’ (truth-force in Sanskrit). After 3:00, Glass recites the closing lines of his opera, which come from the Bhagavad-Gita: “When righteousness withers away and evil rules the land, we come into being, age after age, and take visible shape, and move, a man among men, for the protection of good, thrusting back evil and setting virtue on her seat again.”

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