05.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Matthew Herbert announces meaty next album

The meat industry is laid bare in new album 'One Pig', which follows a pig from birth to consumption.

Not being one to hog the limelight, Matthew Herbert is giving the starring role in his next album to a pig.

For the last installation of his One Trilogy series, released in October, Herbert recorded a pig over the course of thirteen months, from its birth to its eventual occupation as someone’s dinner. The conceptual album will give a unique insight into the life cycle of an animal reared for consumption in the UK.

It has yet to be seen whether this tale of life and death will be the new Hamlet, or a load of hogwash. Certain animal rights activists find the whole situation a boar, and have set up a facebook group to attempt to prevent the release of the album.

Accidental Records will release ‘One Pig’ on 10th October 2011.

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