25.03.2013, Words by dummymag

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant - Maccron Accent EP

Dense, characterful touches, and the occasional hint of mischief, make up the London producer's new collaborative EP.

Idiosyncratic London producer My Panda Shall Fly continues his penchant for a collaborative EP, this time in cahoots with Adventure Elephant. Whereas his ‘Let’s Vibrate Together’ EP with Benjamin Jackson sprung along with funk-kicks and lo-fi gristle, much of new EP ‘Maccron Accent’ is in a more controlled template with more sheen and shine. But this isn’t at the expense of character – and it’s an EP worthy of a careful listen, full of deft quirks and intriguing detail. The title track is one part sombre, clunking electronics but, with an occasional video game sample thrown in, it flips into something altogether more mischievous. The booming Section Sign centres around reggae drum rolls before diving back into a lush ocean of sparkling sound, and Opening Brace – which got an excellently dry, arthouse-style video released to accompany it – is a swarming mass of handclaps and powdery synths. Stream it in full below.

Tape Club Records released the ‘Maccron Accent’ EP today, 25th March

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