07.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Neeva - One Day (feat. N-Qia)

Rich, powerful textures create a captivating atmosphere in One Day by Italian producer Neeva, taken from his latest release 'Even If…', and helped along the way with extra melodic elements and vocals from Tokyo duo N-Qia. For the first minute or so, it's a daydreaming-whilst-looking-out-a-window kind of song with an orchestral feel, but it soon explodes with powerful percussion and energy, the whispering vocals cutting through the frantic guitars and synth and the beat being made up of sampled bells, cans, snares and all sorts. For the final minute, the beat evaporates and we're brought to a gradual standstill, surrounded neatly by clean organ sounds and warm, bright piano, the last breathy phrases of Japanese vocals drifting off. Quite something. 

Ritmo Sportivo released 'Even If…' on the 5th August 2013.

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