16.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

New on Tri Angle, something that may well be Balam Acab

Tri Angle records just sent this video for their next release, we don't know what it is but it sounds like Balam Acab.

Tri Angle Records, one of the planet’s best new music labels despite being just three releases old (four if you include, as you should, ‘Let Me Shine For You’ ), just sent this preview video to their press list with two words “Wander” and “soon”.

At a guess, and this is pure conjecture, it could be the first song off Balam Acab’s debut album. Balam Acab is the producer behind Tri Angle’s superb ‘See Birds’ EP from last year, and an album was rumoured for release this Summer. Details as we are drip-fed them.

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