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Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington announce details of Darkside album

Jaar and Harrington promise to explore "rock's cosmic outer edges" on the eight-track record, due next month.

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have given the full details of their debut album as Darkside.

The album, named 'Psychic', is more of a rock record compared to Jaar's usual interest in smokey house and hip hop, and will (according to the press release) explore "rock's cosmic outer edges through the immersive, body-moving framework of 21st-century house and techno."

So there you have it. The eight-track record is due out via Matador and Jaar's own imprint Other People next month, and opens with the Angelo Badalamenti-esque, 11-minute long Golden Arrow, which you can stream below.

The duo have history together – Harrington plays guitar in Jaar's live band, and they released a three-track EP simply titled 'Darkside' on Jaar's Clown+Sunset label back in 2011. There was also the small matter of 'Daftside', their headline-grabbing remix of Daft Punk's entire 'Random Access Memories'.

1. Golden Arrow
2. Sitra
3. Heart
4. Paper Trails
5. The Only Shrine I've Seen
6. Freak, Go Home
7. Greek Light
8. Metatron

Matador/Other People will release 'Psychic' on October 8th.



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