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12.11.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Octavian has been accused of domestic abuse

A former partner of his has spoken out, detailing horrific abuse via videos and text screenshots

A former partner of Octavian has alleged horrific physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the rapper, supplying videos and text screenshots.

Posting on Instagram last night, his ex-partner says her post was taken down by the platform, leading her to re-upload the thread to Twitter.

She alleges that, after putting pressure on her to have an abortion, Octavian beat her with a hammer, and kicked and threatened to kill her. Other allegations include Octavian beating her with a screwdriver and pushing her down the stairs, as well as controlling what she wore and other psychological abuse.

In a statement, she says she was asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for £20,000, which would have forced her to keep silent about the incidents.

She wrote: “He has an entire song about violently killing me with a machete called My Head which in a (since deleted) interview with DJ Semtex, Octavian admits to the song being about me and proudly laughs calling it ‘art’”, referring to an episode of Spotify’s Who We Be Talks podcast.

A police report has allegedly been filed.

It has been pointed out that Octavian appears to have been dropped from the roster of Black Butter, the label he had been signed to. The Fader confirmed that his former UK publicists, Pattern Publicity, are no longer working with him, stating: “After these allegations have come to light, we have stopped all work with Octavian as we cannot condone, nor support abusive behaviour.”

UPDATE (13/11/20): Octavian’s album, ‘ALPHA’, was due to be released today by Black Butter, but has not come out. In addition, Octavian’s videos for ‘Party Here’, ‘100 Degrees’ and ‘Hands’ have been taken down from YouTube.

Open the Twitter thread below to read her entire statement.

TW: violence, abuse


The 24-hour National Domestic Abuse helpline is 0808 2000 247 in the UK. Other resources include Women’s Aid, Respect: Men’s Advice Line, and Galop – the LGBT+ Anti-Violence Charity.

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